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Zero Suicide, considered an aspirational goal and strategy of the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention,
National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, and Suicide Prevention Resource Center, calls for a paradigm
shift and commitment to reducing the number of suicides of those served by behavioral health and health
systems in our state to ZERO. That requires focused attention and leadership commitment to address the
7 elements of Zero Suicide.  

  • LEAD a system-wide change to create a workforce culture aimed to reduce suicide.
  • TRAIN a competent, confident, and caring workforce.
  • IDENTIFY individuals with suicide risk via comprehensive screening and assessment.
  • ENGAGE individuals at-risk of suicide using a suicide care management plan.
  • TREAT suicidal thoughts and behaviors using evidence-based treatments.
  • TRANSITION individuals through care with warm hand-offs and supportive contacts.
  • IMPROVE policies and procedures through continuous quality improvement.

The Florida Launch Engage Activate Departments and Systems for Zero Suicide (LEADS) Project invites you to
participate in a statewide Zero Suicide learning collaborative aimed at assessing the quality of suicide care,
educating on suicide best practices, and sharing successful programs and lessons learned from within our state.
The learning collaborative will bring together subject matter experts and agency leadership from various disciplines
to discuss and strategize on screening, assessment, intervention, treatment, transitions, training, evaluation,
and quality improvement.  

Based on a needs assessment obtained through live-polling of over 100 behavioral health leaders at Florida Behavioral
Health Association’s BH Con in August 2023, and subsequent survey of additional leaders not able to attend, the following
needs were identified and developed into a 2024 agenda of bi-monthly topics:

Session Topic: Commitment to Change: WHY, launch strategies, just culture
Element: LEAD
Date: January
Session Topic: Community Change: Lessons learned from established community ZS Coalitions
Element: LEAD
Date: March
Session Topic: Workforce Development: Assess staff confidence/skills to design training and support
Element: LEAD
Date: May
Session Topic: Targeted Suicide Treatments: Evidence-based therapies, considerations for implementation
Element: LEAD
Date: July
Session Topic: Care Transition: Care coordination and follow-up models, program outcomes, funding strategies.
Element: LEAD
Date: September
Session Topic: Quality Improvement: Fidelity to suicide care policies, data and monitoring, suicide debriefing.
Element: LEAD
Date: December

Zero Suicide Resources

Toolkit for Zero Suicide in Health and Behavioral Health Care

Contains the The Zero Suicide Initiative toolkit, which focuses on advancing suicide prevention by encouraging agency leaders to implement evidence-based practices, policies, and procedures dedicated to ensuring consumer safety and fostering ongoing quality enhancement.
Download PDF

Zero Suicide Data Elements Worksheet

The worksheet aids health organizations in enhancing suicide care through a data-driven, quality improvement approach, emphasizing critical metrics and suggesting supplemental measures for comprehensive care model fidelity, to be updated and reviewed quarterly.
Download PDF

Data Interest Summary

Contains an infographic showcasing survey results on the familiarity with and interest in Zero Suicide components, organizational self-assessment scores across various suicide care domains, and preferences for collaborative meeting frequency, duration, and format.
Download PDF